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Windsor-Detriot Inrtnational Bridge
Walnut and curly maple Pittsburgh bridge table
Walnut and curly maple Pittsburgh bridge table
Walnut and curly maple Pittsburgh bridge table

Walnut and curly maple Pittsburgh bridge table. Actual size shown is 48L X 16D x 30H
many sizes, styles and colors to choose from.

About Landy Studios

Kelly Landy of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania developed a love for art at a very young age and always found creative ways to express herself.

As an artistic person, she stretched her mind into producing canvas wall art specializing in themed abstract art. Recently, she became passionate about designing unique furniture pieces focusing on her Pittsburgh roots. Influenced by her grandmother, an Italian immigrant, who was self-taught and hardworking, Kelly was always eager to try new things.

Kelly Landy designed the “The Sisters Bridge after three sisters who were a big part of her upbringing. She was inspired by the beautiful architecture of the three bridges in Pittsburgh, which are the Roberto Clemente, Rachel Carson and Andy Warhol bridges.

3 Sisters (left to right)
Mary Lou (Mother)
Gloris Pinchotti and
JoAnn Latshaw

The bridge table is genuinely handcrafted in Pennsylvania, by the Amish, who have a reputation for top quality craftsmanship and the finest finishes. This detailed piece is built to quality standard to be passed down for generations. It comes in various custom sizes and colors to match any decor. Each piece will be authenticated with a plaque featuring Kelly Landy’s unique logo.

While traveling to various countries, Kelly fell in love with different architectural designs. She has future plans in designing unique collections focusing on her Italian heritage and Irish heritage after her husband, Kevin.